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Six in a Row
What the U.S. Open Taught Me About Golf, Faith and Purpose

What happens when GOD'S plan for your life isn't quite what YOU had planned for your Life?

Andy Dillard, hailing from Tyler, Texas, did something no one else has ever done when he birdied the first six holes of the 1991 U.S. Open.

From the time he was in grammar school, Andy lived and breathed for one thing and one thing only-golf.

If he wasn't playing golf, he wanted to be playing.

His dream?
The Masters.

How would he achieve his dream?
By winning the U.S. Open.

Andy had no misconceptions when he qualified for the 1991 U.S. Open.
He knew he was the underdog.
The fans knew he was the underdog.
But, Andy had no doubt he could win

Andy's story revolves around his one big dream and the heartache he experienced when he didn't accomplish that dream.

Between bouts of depression and staring at a picture of the scoreboard, it took many years for Andy to recognize the gift God had given him.

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